Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is used to assess and correct movement dysfunction that may lead to or has already led to an injury or chronic pain.

A thorough movement assessment will be completed to identify problem areas with joint and muscle function, which will allow us to create a customized corrective exercise program for you.

Corrective exercise sessions are suitable for anyone that is looking specifically for a solution to pain and movement dysfunction.

These sessions will focus on one movement dysfunction at a time, working from the ground up, with the goal of creating optimal movement efficiency, reduction or elimination of pain, and reducing the chances of future injury.

Initial assessment – sliding scale – $60 – $85

Subsequent 60 minute corrective exercise sessions – sliding scale – $50 – $70

10 pre-paid 60 minute corrective exercise sessions – sliding scale – $450 – $650

*We offer a sliding scale to make our services accessible to folks that could not other wise afford to access personal or small group training.

Although we will never ask you to provide proof of income or for an explanation about the need to pay less than the the top end of the scale, we trust that you will carefully consider your financial situation and pay the maximum amount that fits comfortably into your budget. The sustainability of this sliding scale model depends 100% on the honesty of the folks we serve.*

**if your movement dysfunction has been corrected before you use up your pre-paid package, the remaining sessions can be used for regular personal fitness training sessions**